Secret Treasure

Secret Treasure



The Secret treasure game is intended to create an exciting environment where player travel from one stage to other through solving different puzzles or questions. Here, every question is assign from easier to difficult order and classified based on Text book from National Education Board. There are several stages, such as Jungle, Black forest, Pyramid, Cave and

Underwater, that is arranged with nice interface, sound and enemy. As there is a challenge to solve the question in a fixed time, collect gold coins, destroy enemy, then nothing to say about the sensational mode.

 There is a learning portion, where animated video of each English and Bangla letter with nice examples are given to make more attractive to


 There is a multiplayer game option where two friends or brothers/sisters can play the game through Bluetooth network. Thus, don’t need to

worry about internet cost.

 All puzzles and questions are classified based on different subjects, like Bangla, English, Math, General knowledge. Thus, player can select a subject to start his journey in a nice game stage.

 The purpose of the game is to provide a platform where user can learn logic, puzzles, mathematics,and vocabulary.

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