Shadhinotar Gaan

Shadhinotar Gaan



1971 liberation war is a matter of pride to all Bangladeshis. Any component related to the liberation war is so heart touching to all the Bangledeshis of this world. During the war, the radio played a very important role. It played countless of encouraging songs and tunes related to the war, continuously to make the passion more live and more strong. The song artists, musians played such significant role by keeping connected all the people focus to the war by playing the songs, like a cultural movement as well. The songs are so heart touching that, still if you hear 1 or 2 lines of them you feel the goose bumps.

EATL is proud to launch an app on all the famous songs of the liberation war in an android app named "Shadhinotar Gaan". There are famous songs like

1. Mora ekti phul ke bachabo boley judhdho kori mora ekti mukh er hashir jonno ostro dhori
2. ‘Ek shagor rokter binimoy e
3. O amar jonmobhumi jononi
4. ‘Teer hara ei dheu er shagor
5. Rokter protishodh roktei nebo amra
6. Nongar Tolo Tolo…shomoi je holo holo
7. Tobu bhoy nei maa amra protibad korte jani
8. Jonotar shongram cholbei
9. ‘Karar oi louhokopat
10. Salam salam hajar salam
11. Joi Bangla Banglar Joi
12. Durgom giri kantar moru
13. Mora jhonjar moto uddom
14. Bicharpoti tomar bichar
15. Shona shona shona loke bole shona shona noy ei mati
16. Shono ekti Mujibor er thekey
17. Purba digantey shurjo uthechey

You can download the app completely free from

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