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September 09, 2014
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This app provides information about handicrafts and its relevant issues. Use will get the following information:
1. What types of handicraft products are available in Bangladesh?
2. Name of the organization with contact details where user can get proper training
HEED Handicrafts is a project of HEED Bangladesh. It is a Fair Trade Organization and was established in 1978 with the aim of creating jobs and employment for the poor and marginalized people, specialized in handicrafts production, using locally available environment-friendly resources. Its activities operate for the purpose of improving socio-economic condition of the producers/Artisans and their associated communities. HEED Handicrafts provides training and education to improve producers’ skill on products and market. Presently HEED Handicrafts works on various handicrafts products.
Over the last 30 years many new items have been added to the product range with the purpose to help more handicrafts producers. The main products are as follows: Hand loom products, Recycled materials products, Leather products, Clay products, Straw Art Card, Handmade paper products, Wooden products, Bamboo products, Date-leaf products, Palm-leaf products, Hogla-leaf products, Jute products, Recycled glass products, Ceramic clay products, Cane products, Embroidery item, Palm fiber products, Tin sheet products and Christmas decoration products etc.



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