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March 29, 2016
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Edutubebd is one of the key initiative of Ethics Advanced Technology Limited (EATL) for the development of country’s education sector to change them in a different level. It is the only education portal focused on local context and syllabus.  In this portal anyone can have an account or subscribe for free. Then any student, teachers, parents or guardians can log in to upload their education materials & anyone can download to access.
EATL is one of the country’s leading ICT Company. It does enormous innovation in case of technology based projects, products, solutions and services. It has launched country’s first mobile apps store in Bangladesh named In 2016 it is going to launch, country’s first Bangladeshi educational content sharing portal named ‘edutube’ at
Online learning cannot replace traditional learning system in Bangladesh. It requires time. As a student’s original learning pattern in Bangladesh is material based. Therefore sharing is very important to step towards the change. Adoption of online learning process needs to start. Majority students of Bangladesh lacks from many education facilities, contents, lectures, notes, demonstration because of proper guidance, support & infrastructure. Few affluent students get touch of excellent education materials mostly in urban areas. With the help of technology, we can build a platform where these facilitated students, well known teachers will provide their materials absolutely free just to help & enhance another student who couldn't access it because of location & affordability.
At present, students of the secondary, higher secondary or universities attend class lectures given by their class teachers or they take notes from private tutors, and in urban areas sometimes they share their electronic version of the content through emails or flash-drive. The exchange of contents remain in the close circle of students and the life cycle of the contents ends when the students move to new classes. Sometimes the lecture notes or books are kept at family level for the younger members in the family. However, these notes prepared with extensive labor, care, and attention could serve wider audiences and help other student better prepared their lessons. In this era of communication technology, there have been couple of alternative ways to help the students with their study in addition to the traditional teacher driven education systems. Among them, there are couple of ICT based solution such as Khan Academy, Udemy, etc. available which are suitable mostly for the students of the western countries. In Bangladesh, an ICT based educational content sharing platform is very essential which will focus on students and context of Bangladesh, and deliver contents to the students in different academic levels.
Edutube comes with unlimited storage capacity for a user which is different than any free A drive or dropbox. It will support all format of a content like image, word, pdf, presentation, video file as long as the content in retrievable or readable by general user. Teachers will be able to take online classes & user students will be able to join the session live. Once a user has opened an account and wants to upload a content, first it will come to site Quality Assurance team just to check - Firstly, It is an educational content, not nudity, vulgarity to prevent hackers ill motivation, Secondly it’s not anything encouraging cheating or plagiarism at the national level. After proper evaluation & approval from quality assurance the content will be up & live in the site within 24 hours. You may also able to find hundreds of educational contents, 2016 HSC suggestions currently at
 “learning gets better with sharing” with this vision, edutube will keep on working for the betterment of the society with the vision that it will give the unprivileged ones to have the privileged materials. Not only education, young minds will be taught about his responsibility to society by sharing. A small school student in village of secondary level may access the best teacher & best student's lecture notes of city area via online & do good in the exam as well. Not only students, teachers will gain expertise with help of expert teachers’ materials.


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