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February 02, 2016
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Facebook Message:

This Valentine's Day EATL brings to you the ultimate fun Valentine apps and you can not only just play, with this you can get opportunity to enjoy the Valentine's Day romantic dinner with your loved ones. In this moment of love, EATL brought an exciting valentine game for you "Find your friend a valentine".

Competition Guideline:

By using your Android phone go to, and search for the game "Find your friend a valentine" to download the game or you get the apps in Google play store… You can make many posts for your friend as more time as u want, you can published on Facebook and tell your friends to tag. How much u want you can make and share the posts. The person who made maximum no of valentine posts for his friends and tag his friends he will have higher chance of winning. Share your valentines post in our eatlapps Facebook page. Then why so late, please help your friend to find her loved ones. Find your friend a valentine.


1. You can download the game "Find your friend a valentine" apps, from eatlapps website.

2 .Click on the apps first 3. Select a shape for your Friend for whom you want to find a valentine or want to make the post

3. Write your thoughts about your friend, exciting truth, mystery that only you know, all the great thing you can write about your friend and can post and the end message will be, He/She is very cool / dashing / smart, So find him / her a valentine.

4. Save and publish on your Facebook.

5. Tag your friend.

6. To participate in the competition inbox us.


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